Racing For Training

It’s been a year. Running, vacation, work, moving. It feels like I never really got into a rhythm. Just as I got into a set schedule it was immediately blasted apart with change. Now, well into October, I have a race that last year I felt extremely prepared for, The Fall 50. The Fall 50 […]

Running Fun With Some Sun

Finally! It’s spring in Wisconsin! Honestly at this point it’s almost summer. We kind of did one of those season skips again this year. Going from cold and windy to warm almost overnight. This week has been in the 70’s for most of the days with the next week looking very similar. Every year when […]

Dances With Dirt 2017

Saturday started out beautiful. I woke at 3:30 A.M. and got right to it. Due to the fact that I choose to camp the night before the race this specific morning was a bit different. I start coffee but instead of the coffee maker having coffee prepared for me, I had to start the camp […]

Dances With Dirt 50K – Pre Race

Dances with Dirt comes at a pretty crazy time, being the weekend after a major holiday. It also comes at a time when the mornings are already warm or warm and humid, which is just the best. (Sarcasm!) The weather could be a major factor on race day. A humid start, could make hydrating difficult. […]

Some Weekends You Feel Like A Nut

This weekend was something else. A day later I still can’t put words together about how it feels to have accomplished it. I keep thinking back to the fist time I ever ran, or tried to is a more accurate description. I knew going into work Friday that the weekend was going to be tough. […]